Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to rent a barge?   Smith Brothers has a variety of sizes depending on your needs, please call 410-867-1818 for a quote.

Do you have barges with a moon pool?  We have several barges with and without moon pools and we can configure Shugart Sectionals to use with a drill rig as well.

Do you have Flexi-Floats or Poseidon barges?  Smith Brothers has many Shugart Sectionals used similarly to Flexi Floats and Poseidon, please call to learn why we choose Shugart.

Where can I rent sectional barges?  Smith Brothers has over 50 Shugart and sectional barges that are truckable anywhere.

Where can I rent self-elevating spuds?  Smith Brothers has many barges with self-elevating spuds and we can configure Shugarts with spud wells and air tuggers or deck winches to lift spuds as well.

Can I get a barge delivered?  Smith Brothers has tugs up to 800 HP suited for delivering barges from New Jersey to Norfolk, VA.

Where can I rent a truckable tug?  Smith Brothers has a growing fleet of truckable tugs from 20’ to 25’, up to 600 HP, please call to discuss your needs and get a quote.

Where can I rent a crew boat?  Smith Brothers has several crew boats up to 30 passenger for rent, by the day or bare charter.

Where can I rent a work float?  Smith Brothers has several work steel floats for rent from 8’x20’ up to 16’x40’, all truckable.

How can I deliver materials to Poplar Island?  Smith brothers has a ramp barge to load equipment, concrete trucks, etc.., to Poplar Island, Hart Miller Island and other locations in the Chesapeake Bay.  We have many customers that are marine contractors at these MES facilities.